SolGen I VAC Single Panel Solar Generator With Inverter



The SolGen 1 is our smallest Solar Generator offered by us, yet is just as dependable and rugged as the entire product line.

This model has device chargers only with a VAC outlet, although a 120 VAC outlet is often added per our customer requests.

In an emergency, communication and information can be the difference between life and death. The SolGen 1 will keep your phones, tablets and similar devices charged so you can stay connected.

With the addition of an outlet, 120 VAC Chords can be used to charge laptop computers, run a light, radio or similar device.

With the addition of an extra battery, the energy-supply is extended, given sufficient sun exposure of the solar module.

Larger Sol-Gens with more solar modules can increase the Load that can be run and/or charged.


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